Emergency Merlot

img_0119The cats are wreaking havoc, they’re so bored.  It’s too cold and wet to go outside, so they’ve been looking for things Inside to replace the fun and excitement of Outside.  Toy mice and laser dots have limited appeal, but live mice, ankles, shoelaces, doors, and keyboards are infinitely entertaining.  Also grocery sacks and each other.

It’s always in the dead of January that I suddenly remember the Meow Merlot in the Kitty Cupboard–a bottle of catnip we were gifted over ten years ago during the last cat administration.  “We’re saved!” Apparently it’s like vodka or honey–it never goes bad.  What the one cat doesn’t eat, the other rolls in, then they retreat to their separate nap spots and peace descends once again.  And we’ve made it through one more hour of winter.

Before Christmas--peace on Earth
Before Christmas–peace on Earth
After Christmas–fighting off the bleak midwinter blues

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